Bun Kit Refill Pack


  • No more missing pins or nets. Get everything you need to tie a ballet hair bun with this handy hair kit.
  • Bun Kit Refill Pack includes
    • 2 good quality hair nets
    • 2 black snap clips
    • 5 Upins 5mm
    • 5 Upins 6mm
    • Black elastic bands
  • Free Delivery via Singpost Normal Mail (non-registered)

Our complete hair bun kit comes with 2 Hair Nets, 2 Snap Clips, 10 Hair pins (long and short U-Shape Pins) and lots of Black Elastic Bands. Always missing hair nets? Pins? Elastic bands? Get organised with a hair bun kit that comes with a portable storage case that has separators to keep things apart. Easy to identify and access every hair accessory.

Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 14 × 9 cm


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